Transatlantic Tests.

Graham Phillips
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 16:37:31 -0000

Hi all L.F. ers,

I have attempted as much activity as possible here, and thought that I would
post the TX log so far.

All signals have been on 137.760, and using slow-cw with a four second dot

Friday, 15th:         22.53   till   00.31

Saturday 16th:       23.01  till    23.58   ( Note : at this time I found
the aerial had broken, and the SWR meter
so  the transmission was not continuous ! )

Sunday  17th :       00.16   till    01.24

I expect to be active again this evening from 22.00 till at least 23.59.

Best Luck to all at Nags Head,

de G3XTZ.

Graham B. Phillips