[Fwd: Those trans Atlantic Tests]

David V. Rogers dvrogers@bellatlantic.net
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Hi Dave

Sunday at 2300 the storms moving inhave raised the noise HIGH. However I
believe propagation is off as well. I hear that 153 kc station only 2 Db
or so above the background noise. Things were better last nite.

Unfortunately I only began to use FFTDSP tonite. I see a cxr at 137.7
Something. It is there and distinct. I hoped it may have been Slow speed
CW but I am unable to see any change. I am really looking forward to more
of these tests and will be looking for the results from the N. Carolina.

Thanks for the listing of freq. in use and will be looking / listening
more often. I believe I am still on the Amarad reflector but not sure as
I seldom see any mention of VLF / microwave info .

I will let FFTDSP run and if I catch anything on 137 will post to U.. I
want to see if the Cxr I spotted is there tomorrow just to see if its

3s Bob
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