LF/MF Antenna Proposal

DQEMAIL@aol.com DQEMAIL@aol.com
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 11:01:38 EST

Dear OM:

For the past year I have been contemplating the following LF/MF antenna

I would like to construct a balloon antenna for 160-and-below.

The antenna would be constructed of #24 bare copper wire (available at

The balloons and helium are available at Toys R Us for $20.

The radials would be constructed of aluminum foil (200 foot rolls available
on-sale at Giant for about $3 a roll).

The aluminum foil would be unrolled and duct-taped to the surface of a large
parking lot (200' X 200'). Alternatively, the alumnium foil could be unrolled
on a fat stretch of beach and covered with sand. For 160 Meters the antenna
would be about 120 feet in length. 

What I need is 1 large flat parking lot that is unused in the evening (a
church or office building parking lot would be ideal). The parking lot must
not be near overhead electric wires (obviously). The lighting system for the
parking lot should not produce QRN.  I need the asistance of Amrad members for
launching the antenna, taping the aluminum foil, and signal reports. If other
members of Amrad want to use this antenna for LF experiments, so much the
better. I will supply all the components and a Kenwood HF transceiver and
marine battery for power.

This antenna can only be used when the wind is calm. The advantage of this
antenna is that anyone can construct it....you don't have to to obtain a tank
of helium from a welding supply store or expensive waether balloons.

I've been a member of Amrad for several years. Thanks in advance for whatever
assistance you can provide.

Jim Hurysz AB4YP
email:  dqemail@aol.com