Nags Head Report #3

Andre' Kesteloot
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 11:57:22 -0500

rsgb: please note that one of us   _may_  have heard bursts of BBC4 on
198kHz on a regular car radio  :-)

Tracy K Wood K7UO wrote:

> After the week-end, I continued my stay on the Outer Banks through Tuesday night, ultimately driving down to Hatteras Village and then by ferry to Okracoke.
> Tuesday (Wednesday UTC) at 01:22 just north of Hatteras I copied an LF station we did not hear at Oregon Inlet.   On 207 a regional Morrocan (running 800kw) was quite audible, even better than signals on 153kHz.   No traces of other LFers at that time.
> From the hotel parking lot near the ferry terminal at 0:320 (roughly) I believe I copied English speech on 198kHz under that ever present DIW beacon.   This would of course be Radio 4.  Weak but audible for bursts of a second or two.
> Both LF signals were heard on my Becker Mexico 2340 car radio.
> Even more surprising was the MW conditions.  I heard two broadcasters from Cancun (Quintana Roo state, Mexico) which I have never heard up here.  My '98 WRTH says these stations were running 3.5 and 5kw repectively.  I believe there might be an almost all-water path down there.