Mar-Apr Newsletter

Andre' Kesteloot
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 20:36:39 -0500

Paul Rinaldo wrote:

> As for contents, I'm expecting some articles concerning the LF tests in
> Nags Head and some photos.

we have for a start all the 7 Nags Head reports. A little editing, and they
are ready to go

> Andre said he would be willing to receive, crop and caption the photos, so
> send those to him.

indeed I am waiting for some shots from K4OVK

> Bob Bruhns had about 6 pages almost ready for the previous newsletter but
> was forced to work (the scurge of the hamming class)

yes Bob, stop giving us all these excuses about work. Why don't you retire,
like all if us real people?The original quote that Paul is referring to is
from Oscar Wilde: "Work is the scourge of the Drinking Class".

> For Tracy: It might be a nice touch to welcome our new members who
> responded to our recent membership promotions. Could you please supply me
> with a list of new members (names and call signs) for the next newsletter?

great idea.  We could send them a letter of welcome.  We used to do that,
along with the secret key to the Amrad repeater auto-patch

> For Maitland: Do we automatically give new members aliases?
> We should provide them to new members. Can you please coordinate with
> Tracy?

another grate idea. Is there something about the water (or the beer) in geneva
that helps the thinking process?  Should we all take a week off in geneva?