Fw: CMWG Mtg Info Request

Skip Pratt fpratt@dayton.adroit.com
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 09:50:27 -0500



I'll put something together, coordinate it with you, and send it out.


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>I really appreciated your message.  Skip Pratt (Adroit) was assigned the
>action.  The essence of the request was from our  (Army) perceptive to
>understand what Mission/Sensor/Nav Planning changes the ETRAC and TES will
>have to make due to AIP new modes /tactics.  Skip should respond to us on
>this message and I'm sure he will gives us further insights.
>Skip - please respond.
>Barry Hardin
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>> Barry,
>>         Referencing your 1/20 email. I do not understand what is desired
>> for AI
>> 3Sep98-6 AIP Mission Planning Variant from ASARS-2. I checked my notes,
>> but I
>> did not record any action item. Please expand on what is required. I have
>> briefed the S&PP and message flows many times before. What does the
>> requestor
>> want to know?
>> Thanks
>>  Dave