GIR received

Frank Gentges
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 04:19:22 +0000 (GMT)


The local radio amateur club AMRAD, is interested in preparing for 
amateur use of LF.  We went on a receiving DXpedition to Nags Head NC.  
There we were able to set up on the beach away from power lines and with 
ideal receiving conditions from Europe.  During our receiving efforts I 
received your Lowfer beacon.

Date: January 17 Zulu time
Time: 0243Z
Frequency:  186.32 kHz
ID: GIR and "15067"
Readibility: Q3 fading in and out
Antenna: Active Efield probe
Receiver: JRC NRD525

We will be putting some information up in a few weeks on our web site at  You are invited to check it out from time to time for new 
LF information.

You can QSL to:

Frank Gentges K0BRA
9251 Wood Glade DR
Great Falls, VA  22066

It is interesting to note that I copied only 3 lowfers and all 3 were 
near Pittsburg PA.  They were yours and A3O and QYV.