Outer Banks DXing

Tracy K Wood tkwood@pressroom.com
Sun, 31 Jan 99 15:11:00 EDT

It seems we're not the first to go to the Outer Banks for DXing.   The HF and MW enthusiasts head out there to as noted in the comments below from Dr. Harold Cones, the author of several books on Zenith radios.

Also TACOistas, check out www.trsc.com and the links to the SWL Winterfest.  On the agenda is a talk on signal recovery by Chuck Ripple , of R390 fame.

Tracy Wood   tkwood@pressroom.com   K7UO
Original-From: Harold Cones <hcones@cnu.edu>
Original-Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 08:41:56 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

Which is why we have the HATDX DXpedition each year on the outer banks.
We go all the way down to Buxton--a very quiet location.


On Fri­C 22 Jan 1999, Tracy K Wood wrote:

> (I just got back from the AMRAD DXpedition to the outer banks... lots of LW and some cool MW too.) The tropical banders sound like locals when you're down on the shore away from the noise and have a good antenna.... :=)
> ) 
> Tracy