LF: Spectrogram technique]

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 01 Feb 1999 18:13:47 -0500

Peter Bobek wrote:

> Hello Mike/G3XDV and all,
> the settings I am using for 3 sec dots is:
> averaging =  5...8
> resolution = 16 bit, mono (of course)
> sampling rate = the lowest setting (I believe it is 5.5k)
> This is the best for me. Indeed, when you go to a higher averaging there
> will be a more or less pronounced SMEAR between elements since the
> signal "builds up" less fast. At greater dot lengths this is not so
> important
> since the pauses are longer. With dotlengths of 10 sec you could easily
> go to 15...20 times averaging and get a nice trace, however the S/N-Ratio
> then is much improved (as one would expect). The setting "16 bit" for the
> resolution gives you a much better performance when you have signals
> which are "just above the noise". You would not recognize them using
> the 8 bit resolution setting. However the audiofile (when you are
> recording)
> will have a lot more bits/bytes...
> 73, Peter / DJ8WL