[Fwd: LF: Frequency stability]

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 01 Feb 1999 18:19:07 -0500

'Geri' Kinzel, DK8KW wrote:

> Hello Lowfers,
> Marco describes a simple way to use a reference station to solve the
> oscillator drift problem. I use a similar technique here with my Datong
> converter and my IC-746. The converter crystal is about 260 Hz off the 28
> MHz frequency where it should be. I use Deutschlandfunk on 153.000 kHz in
> CW and my CW sidetone to set my RIT to get zero beat between the two
> signals. Then, leaving the RIT in this place I can use the 1 Hz frequency
> readout of my IC-746 to accurately find the frequency. I have to check this
> once in a while to catch the converter/receiver drift. BTW, I found that
> the Spectrogram readout is very accurate, so obviously the crystal in my
> soundblaster card seems to be on the right frequency.
> Vy 73
> Geri, DK8KW (W1KW)