Annapolis Sojourn

Frank Gentges
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 03:46:22 +0000 (GMT)


We have been offered the use of the decommissioned Navy antenna field at
Annapolis Maryland by AMRADer Bob Bruninga.  I can think of a number of
things we could do with this opportunity.  What would do if you had a chance
to connect to these antennas?  What a burreto!

My suggested schedule is to set up on a Saturday mid-morning and begin 
measurements and tests suited to daylight hours.  We need to become familiarized 
with the connections to all the antennas of interest so at nightfall we can 
connect without being handicapped because of darkness.

We could then operate overnight doing whatever we planned.  I think the 
buildings are still there so we could sack out and continue as needed Sunday 
morning and depart when finished Sunday.

It looks like the weekend of 6-7 March is the first time we could do something 
with the weekend of 13-14 March as a backup due to weather.  We really do not 
want to get involved in dealing with thunderstorms at this site.

Some of us should go down earlier to do a site survey and coordination on
building access, power and entrance and exit requirements and of course, the
closest taco shop.  After tacos on 20 February would be a good date with 27
February in case of bad weather. 

What do you propose to do with these antennas?  Receiving, impedance 
measurement, whistler detection?   Do you think it is a good idea?  What other 
things should we plan for besides power, buildings etc.  What do we need to 
check out before hand at the site survey?  Could we get some operating 
authority from the Navy?

The Brits are saying bigger antennas are better for receiving.  More 
apature yields more DX.  We ought to see if this is valid.

For Bob Bruninga: Could you accommodate this kind of plan and schedule?  Any 
constraints we should be aware of or consider?  What are the requirements for 
getting on base?  Drivers license, U.S. citizenship?, Place and Date of birth, 

Frank K0BRA