Winterfest Preparations

David V. Rogers
Sun, 07 Feb 1999 10:25:08 -0500

Winterfest (tm) is scheduled for Sunday, 28th February, to be
held at NOVA Annandale this year,  We have asked for two tables,
as in previous years.  The idea is that one table is for the sale
of members' goodies and the other is for recruitment/piblicity
efforts for AMRAD.
(1)Who has the AMRAD banner? We should display it behind the
(2)We will need old copies of the AMRAD Newsletter to give away.
(3)We will need some membership forms/applications plus
self-addressed envelopes for prospective members.
(4)We need to put together some display material/demos
highlighting AMRAD's experimental activity and accomplishments.
Areas of interest might include the current efforts of VLF and
DSP; a display of the spread spectrum book (behind a plastic case
which cannot walk away); some material on AO-27; mention of early
AMRAD efforts in packet radio; whatever else anyone thinks would
show AMRAD's efforts (current and historical) in a good light.
Many people feel AMRAD is in the forefront of amateur radio
research; let's confirm their suspicions.
I can do some coordinating of the activites, but I need
help/input from a number of people.  We also need volunteers (1-2
per hour, maybe including whomever is selling at the adjacent
table) for staffing the recruitment table and fielding questions.

73 de Dave (K9RKH)