Annapolis visit

Frank Gentges
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 01:15:34 +0000 (GMT)

It looks like the weather will cooperate with us for our survey visit 
tomorrow to the Annapolis Navy Radio Station site.

We may want to unground the antennas to check connections.  Don't know 
but may need some wrenches etc. so any toolboxes could be useful in 
dealing with unknowns.  Tracy pointed out that WNAV operates across the 
river from the site.  We may want to measure how much voltage this puts 
on the antenna terminals.  We may also want to check out the football 
field across the river (maybe nearer to WNAV) that Bob Bruninga suggested 
as a site for our small reference antennas.  As I recall, the big VLF 
antenna comes through the high roof on the helix house and may be tough 
to access for connection.

I also have one confirmed TJ High School participant for tacos and Annapolis. 
Don't forget your 2M HTs so we can keep in touch and show how hams do it

Also, we need some more ideas on what to do with these antennas now that we
have access to them.  I feel a little like the dog that catches up with the
car he has been madly chasing.  I assume everyone has seen my suggested use
to measure European LF broadcast signals and noise.  Bring your Rycom
receivers tomorrow so we can see how they deal with these antennas (assuming
we can get power).  I'll bring an HP 312A selective voltmeter that kinda
infers is has a calibrated noise bandwidth.