Andre' Kesteloot
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 09:58:54 -0500

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> Just put together a legal-limit XMTR for LF and hook it up to the BIG
> antenna!  Hook its KEY line to the PTT of a TNC with an HT listening on
> the worldwide APRS 144.39 network (only 500 feet away)

Hello Bob,
The legal limit is 1 watt DC input,   _and_ an antenna no longer than 50 ft,
within the 160-190 kHz  "lowfer" band.  This band is, unfortunately for us,
useless for long distance transmission towards Europe, as the LF broadcasters
operate in that band with megawatts.  The only hope we have of doing
transatlantic traffic in LF is by using the CEPT 136kHz  band
Back to the drawing board  :-)