David V. Rogers
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 09:11:17 -0500

Tracy et al.:
I will supply two mounted posters concerning AMRAD's efforts on AO-27.  I can also furnish extension cords and a power strip, and will be availabe for set up activities Saturday evening
as well as time on the table on Sunday morning, including an early stint.
I think we need some older AMRAD Newsletters for hand out, some membership application forms and self-addressed envelopes for anyone who wishes to join this august organisation.
Glenn and Terry have volunteered to people the table.  I think we will need to have someone at the table from 0700 (open up) to circa 1400 (when things fairly well wind down).  I can
take the early part.
Anyone with junque to sell should have it there the night before (between 1900-2000) or first thing in the morning.  Can't think of anything else at this time.
73 de Dave (K9RKH)

Tracy K Wood wrote:

> Tacoistas:
> This is a pre-NOVAfest alert for next Sunday!
> I now have Richard's NagsHead video and the AMRAD banner.   I will bring some newsletters, membership applications plus a VCR+TV.
> What I need are some LF hardware to be present.  DSP or other nifty projects are welcomed. AMRAD-related scrapbooks will also help.
> Of course, please bring your radio-related junque to sell.  That's  always an attraction.     I do need some support in setting up.  I am not a morning person so I will very groggy.
> After NOVAfest we have a one week break from radio then it's NSS time!
> (I will be in Kulpsville PA - I plan to take Richard's video and show it to a few SWLers to see if there's interest in LF there.)
> Saludos
> Tracy Wood
> K7UO