Andre' Kesteloot
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 11:20:01 -0500

I think this is a   _great_   idea.
1) I already have a rack-mounted, tested, VFO with a resolution of 1 hz, and it
is as stable (at room temperature) as my HP counter (10^-9)...
2) I can also run on my laptop the QRS program which incessantly repeats
whatever slow-morse message we input in it.
3) Glenn B. had mentioned the possibility of building a power amplifier.
4) I have a 120vAC/28 volt DC @31 amperes ( sola unit= drops to 24 volt at full
load) but it weighs about 1 ton ...
5) I have a swr meter that works at LF
6) I would suggest that, because of the short fuse, we go for simple
straightforward slow-morse (nothing sexy like QPSK, which would mean that only
a very few people could receive us).
Frank Gentges wrote:

> For armed forces day 1999 sometime this spring, AMRAD set up at Annapolis a
> 136 kHz transmitter and work hams crossband for special commemorative LF
> QSLs.  Navy would provide operating authority for us to operate on this
> frequency under the call NSS.


> This would bring attention to the need for hams to develop LF expertise for
> future Navy needs and help demonstrate to the FCC the level of interest in
> the new LF amateur bands.


> Could we get a transmitter up by then?

see above

>  I could call some old friends in the Pentagon to see if this idea would fly.
> Might help get Navy proactive or at least non-negative on our allocation
> request.

also how about contacting that friend of Joe Novak from NRL?