Winterfest Support

Paul L. Rinaldo
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 17:17:19 -0500


Thanks for organizing things at the Winterfest. I had planned to be there
but a missed connection at Frankfurt kept me there overnight.

73, Paul, W4RI

At 07:53 3/1/99 -0500, David V. Rogers wrote:
>Thanks to everyone who was able to devote some time and pitched
>in to help at the AMRAD tables at Winterfest this year.  I do not
>know if we received any new recruits, but I spoke to two former
>members who appeared to be interested in rejoining, as well as
>2-3 potential new members.  Appropriate membership information
>was given them; we shall see if we get replies.
>Thanks again,
>73 de Dave (K9RKH)