[Fwd: LF: Success with small antennas]

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Wed, 03 Mar 1999 09:06:45 -0500

Mike Dennison wrote:

> >My name is Des (M0AYF) [...]
> >  If I may I should like to ask one very important and practical question, is
> > it possible to make contacts effectively at 160 kHz with a proposed antenna
> > which would only be about 25 feet high and about 50 foot long (horizontal
> > wire or "T" resonated against ground) as this is about as much as I could
> > ever manage within the garden of my town semi.
> Des,
> Several successful LF operators use small antennas, though it can
> be frustrating when listening to the big boys working DX. A Marconi
> T antenna will work well when tuned against a good earth. If you
> are able to get a light weight loading coil at the top of the vertical
> section this will help (use a 3 litre coke bottle). You will benefit
> from running high power - the beauty of the limit being ERP is that
> you can compensate for an inefficient transmit antenna by
> increasing power. The BK Electronics amps are useful for instant
> QRO, though the G3YXM and G0MRF amps are more elegant.
> Although a basic T will work, there is lots of scope for ingenuity in
> bending an antenna to get the maximum amount of wire, carrying
> the maximum amount of current. Mine is triangular!
> [...]
> You are unlikely to do well from Day One, but patience and
> persistence in gradually improving your station will bring great
> rewards. I have twice heard people describe LF contacts from small
> antennas as "the most exciting in years of operating" and this is
> my experience, too.
> My own antenna is bent into 60ft long by 40ft high - bigger than
> yours but smaller than many - and I have had more than a year of
> very exciting experimenting, making improvements and ultimately
> working several countries.
> Good luck and I look forward to working you.
> 73
> Mike, G3XDV (IO91VT)
> http://www.dennison.demon.co.uk/activity.htm