NSS Visit

Frank Gentges gentges@itd.nrl.navy.mil
Sun, 7 Mar 1999 20:25:08 +0000 (GMT)

John, When I saw you last weekend at the Vienna hamfest I thought I would be
out of town this coming Monday.  I finished early in Missouri so I will try
to make the NSS tower hearing.  On thinking about it, I think raising the
money to maintain whatever towers remain will be key to any plan to save any
of them.  Perhaps a cell phone company would be interested in renting space
for a cell site.  A local citizen's association was having trouble finding
the upkeep of the neighborhood swimming pool.  They are now hosting a cell
site and it funds the upkeep.  Similarly, other two-way and broadcast users
rent tower space. Your group ought to publicly shop the site and see what
response is received. 

We are planning to come down to the NSS site next weekend for our tests. 
What is the current status of:
Key for grounding switch?
Key for door bldg 68?

We have discussed the use of the VLF antenna and so far no one has a 
use for it that cannot be met with one of the LF Marconi antennas.  Thus, 
for the moment we cannot justify a big effort on you part to unground it 
and provide an antenna lead.  That effort would probably be better put 
into reattaching the loose downlead on the LF antenna at bldg 69 if you 
can find the time.

We will proably want to measure the impedance of the two LF antennas with 
and without the big fixed tuning coils.  This will help us decide which 
to use for future transmitting efforts if we don't spoil our welcome on 
this visit.

A quick head count yesterday indicated 8 people would be coming down but 
I suspect more may end up coming.

We are thinking about skipping our taco eating session and instead 
heading for Annapolis for an arrival around 12 noon on Saturday.  We 
dould stay through the night and be clear of the site around noon on 
Sunday.  We might get enough results or be stormed out early depending on 
what happens.  If we see thunderstorms in the area we will cancel out for 
the whole event next Saturday and look to the following weekend.  Can you 
accomodate these plans?

Frank Gentges K0BRA