Call for papers

Paul L. Rinaldo
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 05:56:30 -0500



73, Paul, W4RI

     The 17th AMSAT-NA Annual Meeting and Space Symposium will be held
October 8-11, 1999 at the Hanalei Hotel in San Diego, California, USA. 
This is the first call to authors who wish to present papers at the Symposium 
and that will be printed in the proceedings.  The subject matter of the
papers should be topics of interest to the amateur radio satellite service.  
     One page abstracts are due no later than May 1.  Authors will be advised 
by e-mail or postal mail shortly after June 1 regarding whether their paper
has been accepted.  Camera ready copy of accepted papers is due no later 
than August 1.  Papers will only be superficially edited and will be printed 
generally as submitted.  Authors are requested to provide an electronic copy 
of their presentations preferably in any version of Word or WordPerfect in 
the event corrections are required at the last minute.
     Please send abstracts to Duane Naugle, KO6BT, via e-mail to or via postal service to:
                        Duane Naugle, KO6BT
                         4111 Nemaha Drive
                     San Diego, CA  92117-4522
Receipt of submissions will be confirmed.
     Proceedings of the Symposium will be printed by the ARRL and made
available at and after the meeting.  Also, if you do not wish to present
a paper, but have a topic of interest, please submit the topic and perhaps
arrangements can be made for a presentation.
     Information regarding San Diego area attractions and details on
arrangements for the 17th Space Symposium and AMSAT-NA Annual
Meeting may soon be found on the web at
                                        -- AMSAT-NA Press Release