Annapolis Visit 13 March

Frank Gentges
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 17:57:07 +0000 (GMT)

I talked to John Schorp last night at the hearing at Annapolis.  The 
Seebees Commanding Officer and the base Captain have agreed to our visit 
so we have a green light.  I agree with Andre that we dhould arrive 
around noon on Saturday to start setting up.  

We will abort this event if the weather looks like thunderstorms.  Right now
Intellicast is showing clear skys on Friday and does not project to Saturday. 
Does anyone want to connect to the Goliath?  If so we can see if John can
make a connection but I have not heard any interest. 

I will talk for a very short time on measuring signal to noise on 
Thursday so we can all work from a common methodology.  I will also bring 
a couple of GR antenna bridges to start everyone thinking about getting 
an LF antenna up and matched to a transmitter.

I have heard *no* requests for borrowing my fine 50 watt LF power amp.  Its
sitting on the bench ready to go. 

Should we go around the room Thursday and hear everyone's own plan for an 
LF antenna?  I would like to hear this.

Frank K0BRA