NSS Visit

Frank Gentges gentges@itd.nrl.navy.mil
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 23:16:54 +0000 (GMT)

That all sounds fine.  Some weather we are having here.  If we can just 
slip a sheet of plastic between the shorting ball and the antenna lead we 
should be fine since we won't be putting a lot of power on the lead.  I 
would like to sweep the downlead +coil with an oscillator to see what the 
impendence looks like.  Unless the Q is over 400 the voltage should not 
exceed 400 volts.

I must confess that it pains me greatly that we will be at the site and 
not even hook a receiver to the goliath antenna.  I don't think I could 
look at myself in the mirror next Monday without at least trying this 
out.  If it is safe for you to unground it I would like to include the 
goliath in the tests. But please don't endanger yourself given this 

Speaking of weather, they are saying clear skys on Saturday.  It is a 
little too early to be sure of any forecast that far out but I have my 
fingers crossed.

We can give you a hand on that downlead on Saturday, no problem.  I 
assume you have necessary ladders.  Again, don't endanger yourself.  I am 
not sure it will matter anyhow.  We are still learning and cannot predict 
these things yet.

I was only too happy to come to the meeting as I share your desire to 
save the towers and unique station artifacts.  I got the impression that 
the VLF transmitter building is under the control and disgression of the 
Academy.  We need to try to come up with a plan to save the artifacts 
(transmitter, etc.)for posterity while providing some usefulness to the 
Academy.  Perhaps as an Amateur Radio clubhouse?

I did get an email from the ham club sponsor  and he will try to get by.  
He doubted we would see many middies since it is spring break for them.  
I will see if he indicates any interest.  Middies have such a full 
schedule they may not want such a distraction.


On Tue, 9 Mar 1999, John Schorpp wrote:

>          Frank; Was pleased to see you at the meeting last night.
>          Tha O.I.C. of the C.B.s gave his blessings for you and your
>          party to use the building on the 13th or 20th. I have not
>          been able to locate the keys for the ground system but we can
>          mechanicaly lift it. If the weather clears up before Fri.
>          I'll get a helper and repair the broken lead. Otherwise one
>          of your party can assist me in the repair.
>          Respectfully, John