Annapolis Test

Frank Gentges
Sat, 13 Mar 1999 02:47:12 +0000 (GMT)


I am planning to bring a sleeping bag with me and sleeping in one of the 

Bring lots of extension cords and plug strips.....

Bring automobile jumper cables to be used as "clip leads" to hook to the 

 I am bringing Hal's 2 meter base station so we will try to get it set up
early for talk in.  We will also need to talk between the antenna sites to
bring any radios that would help do this.  I assume we will use 147.21 unless
we find it occupied by others. 

I go a noise generator in today so we can measure the relative noise
bandwidths of the various receivers set the the various bandwidths.  I will
try to set up a test area and we will measure each receiver sometime while we
are there.  Make sure your receiver gets measured so the data can be
corrected to match the other data. 

I will have my cell phone and I think it is covered there by Cellular One as
a local call.  The number is (703) 973-7074. 

I plan to arrive about 12:00 noon.

Frank K0BRA