188 Kc

Bob RIESE riese-k3djc@juno.com
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 20:02:29 -0500

I have been monitoring 188.2 using Spectrogram looking for QYV a beacon
from the Pitsburg area. He is at 188.570. As I look on or about this
frequency I am seeing a strong signal higher at about at 188.8 +-  which
has a 3 second carrier a 30 second no carrier and then a 30 second
carrier 3 second no carrier and another 30 second carrier, sounds like
someone tuning up but appears at random and may appear once or twice an
hour.,. this is a very loud signal and is audible in the rcv speaker as
well  perhaps an S 2/3 

I only monitor in the evening so I notice this then, any Ideas .. anyone
know of anyone testing ??

Bob K3DJC York Pa FM19
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