[Lowfer] ARRL Letter, VLF

Bob Foxworth Bob@fortresstech.com
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 18:34:42 -0500

	[Bob Foxworth]  Andre' Kesteloot wrote,
> Hello Friends,
> Since Bob sent me a cc. of his message to you, here is my interim
> reply.
	[Bob Foxworth]  I'd personally like to express my appreciation
to Andre' for your thoughtful detailed reply which goes a long way
towards explaining what you folks are involved with. I personally
thought you guys were all into high speed UHF packet, etc and that was

> For a while, I believed there might have lingered a hint of sarcasm in
> some of your lines below, but after giving it some thought, I
> dismissed
> this idea  as being totally against the radio-amateur spirit.
	[Bob Foxworth]  If there, by chance was any, I think and hope
this will dispel it.

	[parts of your reply below deleted for brevity]

> As regards "taking seriously the LWCA", the Nov-Dec 1998 issue of the
> Newsletter was entirely devoted to LF.  It happens that I personally
> wrote
> to the Editor of The LowDown (enclosing a copy of that issue), and
> offered
> to mail, free-of-charge, a copy of that issue to every recipient of
> the
> LowDown, so that everyone would know what we had in mind.   Alas, I
> did not
> get any reply to my offer.
	[Bob Foxworth]  
	Since "take seriously..." were my words, I should just mention I
am sorry to hear this. I an fact was a LWCA member for a long time but
left a few years ago because of inactivity and other things and major
changes in my life, and am now looking to get restarted in LF DXing,
which should be easier now that we have mailing lists like this to help
spread information.

	I tried to carefully qualify that statement which said, while I
had seen some other cases of ham-vs.swl 'animosity' in the past, I was
not at all sure that was the case here, and now I am certain of that
[that there is none of the 'animosity' here].

> We are interested in all inputs, wherever they come from, and
> specifically
> we are interested in inputs and constructive comments from experienced
> LF
> persons like you all. 
	[Bob Foxworth]  
	I certainly hope this will lead to a sharing of information
between AMRAD and the Lowfer community. Since I am as yet just getting
my feet back in and am an 'interested bystander' in LF, I'm not sure how
this would be started...

> (The above remarks are my own, and I do not claim to speak for the
> rest of
	[Bob Foxworth]  Disclaimers are an excellent idea and I am sure
there are active LF experimenters who would take exception to some of my
remarks of last Friday - so I should not be seen as speaking for any
other of them as well. Despite that, I am confident that any of them
would welcome a collaboration and sharing of ideas and experiences from
this experiment, and I certainly for one would like to know how they
turn out and what is learned, not to mention whether the LF edition of
your Newsletter can still be obtained, which I would like to do if

> 73
> Andre' Kesteloot  N4ICK
	[Bob Foxworth]  73 from myself as well