ARLB020 ARRL Technical Awards Nomination Deadline Looms

Paul L. Rinaldo
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 19:14:23 -0400

>QST de W1AW  
>ARRL Bulletin 20  ARLB020
>From ARRL Headquarters  
>Newington CT  March 23, 1999
>To all radio amateurs 
>ARLB020 ARRL Technical Awards Nomination Deadline Looms
>Nominations for ARRL technical awards--the Technical Service,
>Technical Innovation, and Microwave Development awards--are due at
>League Headquarters by March 31.  Formal nominations may be made by
>any ARRL member.  Supporting information, including the endorsement
>of ARRL affiliated clubs and elected or appointed League officials,
>should be submitted along with the nomination document.  See
>November QST, page 50, for details.
>The Technical Service Award is given annually to the licensed radio
>amateur whose service to the amateur community and/or society at
>large is of the most exemplary nature within the framework of
>Amateur Radio technical activities, including, but not limited to,
>the following:
>Participation or leadership in technically-oriented organizational
>affairs at the local or national level.
>Service as official ARRL volunteer, ie, Technical Advisor, Technical
>Coordinator, Technical Specialist.
>Sharing of technical education and achievements with others through
>articles in the Amateur Radio literature, and at club meetings,
>hamfests and conventions. And encourage others to do the same.
>Promotion of technical advances and experimentation at vhf/uhf and
>with specialized modes, and work with enthusiasts in these fields.
>Service as technical advisor to clubs that sponsor classes for
>obtaining amateur licenses or upgraded licenses.
>In times of emergency or disaster, provide technical expertise to
>Amateur Radio service providers, government and relief agencies to
>assist with the establishment of emergency communications networks.
>Referral of amateurs in the section who need specialized technical
>advice to appropriate sources.
>Work with local clubs to develop RFI/TVI committees in the section
>for the purpose of rendering technical assistance as needed.
>Assistance to local technical program committees in arranging
>suitable programs for ARRL hamfests and conventions.
>The ARRL Technical Innovation Award is granted annually to the
>licensed radio amateur for technical research, development and
>application of new ideas and future systems in the context of
>Amateur Radio activities, including but not limited to: Increasing
>use and development of higher-speed modems and improved packet radio
>protocols, expanded use of personal computers in Amateur Radio
>applications, increased efficiency in use of spectrum, alleviation
>of long-standing technical problems, eg, antenna restriction,
>competition for spectrum, EMC, digital voice experimentation,
>improved portable and mobile communications capability through
>Amateur satellite development, increased use of solar, natural and
>alternative power sources for field applications, development of
>practical compressed video transmission systems, spread-spectrum
>technology and applications, and development of assistive/adaptive
>technology for disabled amateurs.
>The ARRL Microwave Development Award is given for microwave
>development, ie, research and application of new and refined uses
>and activity in the amateur microwave bands, along with the bands
>above 30 GHz.  This includes adaptation of new modes both in
>terrestrial formats and satellite techniques.