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Alan Gale wrote:

> Hi All,
>         Remembering the recent discussion about crossed field antennas
> on the reflector, I thought the following posting from the BDXC mailing
> list relating to the award of the new Isle of Man Long Wave broadcast
> licence (QRM generator) might be of interest. The group behind the
> succesful bid claimed that they could transmit this powerhouse signal
> using a CFA, and the licence was awarded on the basis that the succesful
> applicant could only use this type of antenna. This should prove interesting,
> as they will now have to put words into action and prove that it really
> can work at LF. I believe that the same company claim to have tested
> this type of antenna succesfully in Egypt, though I can't confirm that
> or the results. Since this antenna will only be around 25/30 metres high
> at the chosen frequency of 279 kHz I will be very interested in seeing
> the results, though very sad a losing some excellent channels for hearing
> Canadian NDBs and checking T/A propagation to yet another pop station! :-(
>         Maybe now we'll finally find out if the CFA really does work, or
> if the Manx Government have been taken in by a good salesman! :-)
>         73 Alan, G4TMV
> DX Information from the British DX Club.
> Following the invitation to tender for the provision of a sound broadcasting
> service on 279kHz long wave, the Commission received three applications for
> the 10 year licence by the closing date of 30 October 1998. After analysis
> of each groups' application proposals further information was requested in
> respect of programme proposals, staffing, technical matters - particularly
> relating to the transmitting aerial and the associated technology, financial
> issues and other general matters. All applicant groups were invited to
> interview on the Isle of Man in January 1999.
> Together with its consultants the Commission and its senior staff considered
> all the detail provided and assessed which of the applicants would provide
> the best service for the Isle of Man taking into account, inter alia, the
> content and type of programming, the promotion of the Island in the best
> possible light, creation of employment opportunities in the Isle of Man, the
> financial returns to the Isle of Man Treasury over the period of the
> licence, and any other tangible or intangible benefits. The financing and
> the business plans of each applicant were carefully scrutinised to ensure
> that they had proper financial backing and the ability to sustain the
> service over the period of the licence.
> All three applicants responded positively to the invitation to tender but
> one offered a superior technical solution to the environmentally sensitive
> issue of the transmitting aerial required for broadcasting on long wave.
> This group intends to use a crossed field antenna which not only
> significantly reduces the visual intrusion of the transmitting aerial
> (approx. 25 to 30 metres high as opposed to 260 metres for a conventional
> mast) but is also intrinsically safer as regards the effects of the
> induction field.
> This company also offered a significant licence fee which together with VAT,
> company and personal taxation could amount to payments to the Manx Treasury
> of approximately 43 million over the licence period. It is the group's
> intention that 70% of the shareholding in this company will be held by Isle
> of Man residents or Manx companies and that the studios will be located in
> Ramsey creating about 50 jobs. The company also intends to broadcast the
> programme service on satellite and on the Internet.
> Subject to the approval of Tynwald, the Communications Commission intends to
> grant a provisional sound broadcasting licence to Isle of Man International
> Broadcasting Company Ltd.
> It will be the responsibility of this company to obtain all the necessary
> planning permissions for both the transmitting site and the studios and to
> carry out any Environmental Impact Assessment that might be required. This
> provisional licence will be granted on the basis that only the crossed field
> antenna technology can be used. Once full planning permission is obtained
> then the Commission will grant a substantive 10 year licence under the
> Broadcasting Act 1993 of Tynwald to Isle of Man International Broadcasting
> Company Ltd.
> Bryan R Waddington, Director
> Issued 26 March 1999
> [http://www.gov.im]
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> Ray Woodward
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> Permission is hereby granted to reproduce the above information, provided that
> full credit is given to the original contributor AND to the British DX Club.
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