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Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 15:23:49 -0500

Steve Rawlings wrote:

> [...]

> I'm currently making a new support for my experimental vertical so that
> it will be easier (and safer) to put up and take down the basic 12 m
> mast in my small garden.  Up until recently, I have been pushing up a
> section of aluminium ladder with the 10 m fibreglass pole lashed to the
> top.  This has been a risky business - especially in windy weather!
> Instead, I am installing a 4 m length of 50 mm  x  100 mm planed timber
> up against the children's garden swing (which is also made of wood).
> The 10 m pole is to be fitted to a light-weight wooden runner that will
> slide into tracks fitted to the 100 mm face of the timber.  This way, I
> only need to raise the lightweight 10 m pole and place it alongside the
> timber.  I will then push the runner (+ pole) up the track and lock the
> runner into position.  If it works, I'll be testing the new
> configuration very early on Saturday morning.
> That's the news from Chepstow.  Skeds welcome (in addition to weekends,
> I will be QRV during the day April 12th - 16th).
> Regards to all,
> Steve GW4ALG
> 01291 625977 (+44 1291 625977)
> steve.rawlings@cableol.co.uk