LF receivers

William R. Meara wmeara@erols.com
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 10:36:16 -0300

Enjoyed the AMRAD page.  
A couple of comments about the LF stuff:  I just noticed that my old
Lafayette HA-600 receiver (70's era solid state) covers the LF band down
to 150 kc.  There are a lot of these old receivers kicking around. 
Might be a good resource for you guys.  In any case, I'm here in Falls
Church Va. and would be happy to listen for you. 

I was at the Estate Sale in Annandale over the weekend and came across
an interesting "Lowfer Handbook" (1977).  Its full of interesting
circuits and helpful hints. 

Good luck!  73   Bill  N2CQR