LF receivers

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 20:47:55 -0400

Hello William,
thanks for you msg.
Welcome to the club of real people interested in LF.   Instead of hiding in
Falls Church, doing nothing really constructive, why don't you join us every
Saturday at 1230 for lunch (?) at Tippy Tacos, intersection of Lee Highway
and Cedar Lane in Merrified?

The "Lowfer Handbook" is certainly something worth xeroxing. Bring it next
Saturday and we will do the copying.  Or even better, come this coming
Thursday to the McLean Public Library (meeting room ) at 1930h  (=7.30 p.m.
for you land-lubbers) and join us for an interesting technical meeting of
the AMRAD core group
Andre' N4ICK

William R. Meara wrote:

> Enjoyed the AMRAD page.
> A couple of comments about the LF stuff:  I just noticed that my old
> Lafayette HA-600 receiver (70's era solid state) covers the LF band down
> to 150 kc.  There are a lot of these old receivers kicking around.
> Might be a good resource for you guys.  In any case, I'm here in Falls
> Church Va. and would be happy to listen for you.
> I was at the Estate Sale in Annandale over the weekend and came across
> an interesting "Lowfer Handbook" (1977).  Its full of interesting
> circuits and helpful hints.
> Good luck!  73   Bill  N2CQR
> http://www.erols.com/wmeara