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Tracy K Wood
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 21:54:13 EDT


I spent a few hours in "downsizing mode" today, tossing out old software and hardware, recycling as much as possible

Perhaps there needs to be a separate "tacotraders" list but I have a few items that if anyone needs them for a project let me know,   

1)   Free to a good home:  2 Full Heightx1 SCSI drive boxes.   They have a 60 watt PS -- nice project boxes  SCSI centronics style connectors.

2)   Also free to a good project, a real nice Texas-made Bandy Full-AT case, Three 5.25" external bays and one full height internal bay.  Extra P/S included - wow!.  While it can take both baby AT and fullsize AT boards SIMMs can sometimes bang up against the drive bay depending on the configuration hence thou has to be selective with motherboards.

I also uncovered two 2-meter rigs that might be helpful for the club repeater projects on the receive end.   There's a Ramsey sixchannel pin diode five watter and a Drake TR-72 twn watt unit .  The latter has more rocks (crystals) than a crack dealer and contains a fairly hot receiver. ; these would make better sacrificial radios to the lightning gods than Hal's R-7000 which I understand is the current repeater receiver. 

The mad chase for technology loads our landfills.  Ugh!

Tracy Wood