[Fwd: BPSK and PSK31]

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 08:37:53 -0400

Johan Bodin wrote:

> Hello Paul and the gang,
> You wrote:
> >For the Sharc DSP the PSKmultiprogram under Windows has PSK16, PSK31, PSK62
> >and PSK124  allmodes with bpsk or qpsk ( with the normal "qps31" coding and
> >an stronger coding) , and I am sure that Mike DL6iAK , when asked can add an
> >psk8 or even an slower mode.
> >Off course the Sharc is not so cheap as an soundcard hi, but you get also an
> >real time FFT display 0 - 4khz or  + and - 200 hz around the centerqrg.
> >I will send the link to his website over.
> I think I could afford a Sharc, but I already have an AD2181 EZ-Kit Lite (16-bit).
> I haven't seen the source code from DL6IAK, perhaps it will be easy to port it
> to the AD2181? Anyway, since most Lowfers are not going to buy DSP EVB's,
> ADI Sharc, Motorola 56K etc (for different reasons) the best thing that could
> happen is if PSK31 for Win/soundcard became available with a selectable
> baud rate.
> 73, Johan, SM6LKM