Separate Antennas

Andre' Kesteloot
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 09:16:22 -0400

vernall wrote:

> This seems a situation that would benefit from a separate RECEIVE ONLY
> antenna.  The bigger and better the LF transmitting antenna, the wider
> the near field becomes from the point of view of local QRM becoming a
> nuisance.  Several ZL LF experimenters, including myself, use separate
> antennas for receive only.  An active whip, with JFET source follower,
> sited "down the backyard" can give a welcome improvement in S/N compared
> to receiving off the "big wire".  There are even better types of
> specialised receive only antennas, but they all rely on being located in
> genuinely "quiet" spots for QRM.
> Regards,
> Bob ZL2CA