DA0LF Award ?

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 03 May 1999 08:09:40 -0400

Rik Strobbe wrote:

> Like all other LF-ham the message of Peter's death struck me with unbelieve
> as even in the last month you were in contact via e-mail and had the
> intention to make a sked for a CW QSO between DA0LF and myself.
> And I can only repeat what others told, that Peter the example a what a ham
> should be : always friendly, willing to help, with great technical
> knowledge and experienced 'operating skills' on the bands.
> I had the same indea in mind as Graham, to do something to remember Peter :
> >I would like to suggest that we, as a group of L.F. interested people,
> >should instigate some form of perpetual award, dedicated to the Memory of
> >Peter, DJ8WL/DA0LF.  Maybe this could be presented annually to the station
> >deemed to have achieved the best results, or generated the most interest in
> >the new L.F. band.  We could use this reflector as the initial forum, but
> >publicity should be sought outside, as some interested parties would not
> >have access here.
> One of our e-mails we exchanged the time the first transatlantic tests were
> performed. He seemed to be very facinated and he told me that he saw a
> transatlantic LF-QSO as one of the ultimate challenges.
> So maybe we could designate this challenge to Peter by creating a kind of
> 'DJ8WL Memorial Trophy' that will be awarded to the first amatateur radio
> stations (one in Europe and one in North-America) that perform the very
> first two-way LF-QSO.
> Rik, ON7YD