switching tr.

Frank Gentges gentges@itd.nrl.navy.mil
Fri, 21 May 1999 23:38:39 +0000 (GMT)


Good to hear from you.  I am putting the finishing touches on an article 
for the next AMRAD newsletter on modifying the new TenTec RX320 computer 
driven receiver for LF reception.  For $299 this receiver as modified is 
a real performer when used with a good LF active efield probe antenna.  
The club has a 180 watt beacon on the air with a homebuilt antenna tuner 
that uses a wire antenna similar to a 40 meter dipole.  As we work the 
bugs out there will be an article on that in the newsletter.  If you look 
at the British LF web pages you can find a lot of designs for solid state 
LF tranmitters.  Andre' Kesteloot, an AMRAD member is building an LF 
transmitter and an article is likely to follow.

I have a business in Missouri and a daughter there in St Louis going to 
Washington University.  In fact I will be heading out there tomorrow 
(Saturday) for a quick visit.  Pass your phone number as I would like a 
quick eyeball while there.

Frank Gentges K0BRA

On Fri, 21 May 1999, Mr. Michael Ragouzis wrote:

> Hi  I just found out about this lf stuff yesterday from the internet
> through g3xdv.
> It sounds great becuse its a challange with cell phones and all, people
> need to get back to using there heads.   Its just to easy to get wraped
> up with TV and the internet and not realize what it took to get it all
> going and keep it running.
> I am interested in the transmitter side of things and are there anyplans
> or articals ?
> At one time I had an RF voltmeter Sierra brand I think and let it go
> becuse the only thing I could rec. was onespeaking station on 435khz and
> I didnt know spanish.
> There are 2 articals on switching transmitters for 7mhz in QRZ not more
> than a year ago I think?
> well thanks for your time and help.
>                                         Mike
>                                                       N0obi     st louis
> mo.