[Lowfer] AMRAD Beacon

Dexter McIntyre W4DEX dmcintyre@att.net
Sat, 22 May 1999 19:27:18 -0400

Andre',  I have been listening for the 136.750 beacon but have not heard
it yet.  Is it on the air on any schedule?  Could you advise when it is
on or point me to a source for this information? 
TNX es 73,

Andre' Kesteloot wrote:
> Although not "officially" on the air 24 hours a day yet, the AMRAD LF
> Beacon is being tested even as we speak, and you may be able to hear
> it.
> Our beacon is installed in Vienna, Virginia. (38-53-24 North, 77-15-43
> West).
> We currently transmit on 136,750 with approximately 25 watts. Our
> message, sent at 10 wpm, consists in a series of Vs and our call-sign
> (WA2XTF/6). This is followed by a 5 second dash, a 5 second silence,
> and another 5 second dash, to allow for signal/noise level
> measurements.
> 73
> Andre' N4ICK
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