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Just to keep everyone up to date on the
latest virus which is not a hoax.

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   ZDNET SPECIAL ALERT         6/11/99

The ExploreZip Virus, a new computer infection distributed via
e-mail, has hit the Internet, quickly infecting thousands of
computers around the world.

Get the complete story, including vital information on how to keep
yourself and your company safe in ZDNet's Special Report:

___ExploreZip Spreads Around The Globe____
What is this latest infection and how is it being spread? Why is it
more dangerous than previous virus attacks? Get the full story from
the technology news experts at ZDNN.

___How To Beat The ExploreZip Virus___
ZDHelp has put together a comprehensive guide to keeping yourself
safe from this latest threat to your computer.

___Download Protection Against ExploreZip____
The ZDNet Software Library has a special download collection of
anti-virus updates that provide specific protection from

___Jesse Berst: What To Do Right Now____
Jesse Berst and the AnchorDesk team tell you what steps you should
take right now to determine if you're at risk, avoid the ExploreZip
Virus and also how to protect yourself from future attacks.

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