Hamfest '99: LF Forum

John W Gould John@pagnell.demon.co.uk
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 17:43:43 +0100

I thought that my friends in AMRAD would like to see an abstract from
the note that I have just posted on the RSGB_LF_Group reflector:


Hardy, DL1VDL, DARC HF Manager, opened the Forum which was to have been
chaired by Peter Bobek, DJ8WL.  Walter, DJ2LF, a close friend of Peter
spoke of him as a person, his achievements and what he gave back to the
hobby.  Hardy announced that discussions were underway between DARC and
RSGB on a special award (details to follow when they have been
finalised), by way of a memorial to Peter, for the first transatlantic
2-way QSO!  

Walter gave a detailed overview of the challenges and recent successes
by German amateurs on 136kHz. There are now about 40 German stations
QRV. He spoke of the problems of designing and erecting efficient
aerials, and the need to generate stable sources.  He mentioned that
there was an ongoing discussion with their regulatory authority to try
and extend the 20 watt input-power limitation.  If my understanding is
correct, individual amateurs are going to have to prove to their
authorities that input power is the limiting factor, and that EMC
problems will not occur at the higher level.

Ho-Jo, DJ1ZB, spoke on a range of technical topics concerning the design
of his LF station.  It was good presentation as I am sure that it would
have encouraged others to experiment and become active on the band.
Everyone liked his dustbin-mounted loading coil, complete with a well
engineered variometer.  

Hardy had also invited me to say a few words. Like everyone else I
wanted to say a few personal words about Peter, how he brought his 160m
skills to bear on 136kHz, and how he was a just a really nice person to
know.  I then spoke a little about the development of 73 / 136kHz in the
UK and the importance of the linkages with other EU countries and also,
through AMRAD, to the USA.  As I don't speak any german, Hardy and Ho-Jo
must have done a fine job translating as I got a good aplause at the
end.  Maybe they said that I had offered to buy everyone a beer!   

I hope that the above is a fair summary of the event.  Given my lack of
german perhaps Walter or Ho-Jo can correct or add to what I have

As a visitor I would like to thank the DARC HF Committee for arranging
the Forum, and to the two main presenters for making the whole event,
including the evening in the pub that followed, so enjoyable.


To the AMRAD members I can add that, following a suggestion by Andre', I
met Paul Rinaldo at the Hamfest to discuss the concept of a
transatlantic award.  We need now to work the detail out, though I guess
we won't have to do that in too much of a hurry!

John Gould, G3WKL