HF ALE Systems

Paul L. Rinaldo prinaldo@mindspring.com
Tue, 06 Jul 1999 07:39:48 -0400

Dear Charles,

Yes, we're interested in ALE. At the moment, our interest is more in the
nature of cheer leaders because of more active pursuits, particulary LF.
There has been extensive coverage of ALE in <italic>QST</italic> and
<italic>QEX </italic>without much resonance out there in radioland.
Nevertheless, it's a useful technique that one day will be considered
essential for networks operating under automatic control.

One simple application for ALE would be to have specific operating
frequencies in each HF band and be able to have automatic selection of
the frequency that works best. Although I haven't seen details, there was
some USA experimention of a simple ALE technique that chosed between a
frequency on 20 meters and one on 15 meters.

To change subjects, what is the status of your HF digital voice
experiments? Would it be possible to obtain/reproduce a copy of your
board(s) for some transatlantic contacts?

73, Paul, W4RI

At 05:30 PM 7/5/99 +0100, you wrote:

>Hello folks,


>I noticed on the AMRAD www pages that HF ALE was suggested as a field

>AMRAD maybe interested in.


>Is there any latent interest in this subject or is this no longer

>a field for Amateur experimentation because of the potential/real

>problems to other band users?


>- Charles G4GUO