HF ALE Systems

The Whiting Household whitings@worldnet.att.net
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 18:23:00 -0500


If you are doing work on HF ALE please consider writing up your work for the
ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference.  I can send you info on paper
submittal if you like.

Cheers/ Rick W0TN

At 11:30 AM 7/5/99 , you wrote:
>Hello folks,
>I noticed on the AMRAD www pages that HF ALE was suggested as a field that 
>AMRAD maybe interested in.
>Is there any latent interest in this subject or is this no longer considered
>a field for Amateur experimentation because of the potential/real interference

>problems to other band users?
>- Charles G4GUO