HF ALE Systems

Charles Brain chbrain@dircon.co.uk
Thu, 08 Jul 1999 08:07:24 +0100

The Whiting Household wrote:
> Charles,
> If you are doing work on HF ALE please consider writing up your work for the
> ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference.  I can send you info on paper
> submittal if you like.
> Cheers/ Rick W0TN
Hello Rick,

I had thought of that, especially as I intend going this year (if I can get a decent price on 
a flight). I would prefer to do a short presentation at the HFSIG get together afterwards.

In the meantime I have put together a Web page which includes the current version of my code 


It is the first 32bit Windows application I have ever written so it may appear not very polished.
I am constantly adding new features/correcting old bugs so it is a moving target at present. also
it does not include much of a userguide either. 

BTW since the Web page was written I have added support for the IC746.

Finding frequencies that will not cause interference to other band users is a major problem with 
these automated systems. Although over here in Europe, commercial users are starting to field ALE
systems in some of our shared bands (especially 75/80m). I have also heard a system on 7Mhz as well!
So they will become a fact of life for many Hams.

- Charles