ARLB042 FCC Says Telephone Numbers Optional for ULS

Paul L. Rinaldo
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 10:22:17 -0400

>QST de W1AW  
>ARRL Bulletin 42  ARLB042
>From ARRL Headquarters  
>Newington CT  July 9, 1999
>To all radio amateurs 
>ARLB042 FCC Says Telephone Numbers Optional for ULS
>The FCC has clarified that Amateur Radio applicants using the
>Universal Licensing System don't have to provide a telephone number
>or e-mail address as long as they provide a valid US mailing
>address. But the Commission has yet to provide a convenient way for
>ULS electronic filers to get around having to supply a telephone
>number. The clarification was contained in a recent FCC order that
>addresses various issues for reconsideration in its ULS proceeding.
>The FCC says it considers it ''reasonable'' to request telephone
>numbers and e-mail addresses but that the data will be optional for
>As currently configured, the ULS still requires applicants to
>provide a telephone number in order to register, but not an e-mail
>address. An FCC spokesman told the ARRL recently that applicants
>lacking a telephone number could use a business telephone, the
>telephone number of a close friend or relative, or just fill in the
>field on the electronic form with zeros.
>When the FCC implements the Universal Licensing System for the
>Amateur Service August 2, registrants will be required to supply a
>Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN--typically your Social Security
>Number) in order to register and be asked to supply a telephone
>number. The paper FCC Form 610--being phased out in favor of the new
>Form 605--already requests a daytime telephone number. Applicants
>without Internet access can register on the ULS using a paper Form
>605, available from the FCC.
>The question of whether or not telephone numbers that have been
>provided to the ULS will be made part of the public licensee
>database is ''still being reviewed,'' an FCC spokesperson said this
>week. Current information on the FCC Web site suggests that
>telephone numbers provided to the ULS will be available in the
>public ULS records.
>ULS registration is required in order to receive FCC services in the
>future. To register, visit and click on
>''TIN/Call Sign Registration.''