AMSAT Phase 3D DC Vibe Tour Sked!

Pat Kilroy
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 12:33:36 -0400


All is GO for the two separate AMSAT P3D vibe tours today,  
One at 3 p.m. and the other at 6 p.m.  Visitors please be 
sure to arrive several minutes early to sign in at the 
guard desk at the Goddard main gate.  We depart for the 
Building 7 vibration facility promptly at the scheduled 
time.  Don't forget your camera!  


AMSAT Area Coordinator
Washington, D.C. area

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At 04:01 PM 7/21/99 -0400, Pat Kilroy wrote:
>The AMSAT P3D vibe schedule is changing fast because with all the 
>HST and EOS-1 space hardware competing for time in environmental 
>testing at GSFC, P3D is kind of riding on "stand by" right now.  
>You are invited to this evening's Goddard Amateur Radio Club 
>(GARC) meeting starting at 5:30 p.m. at the WA3NAN club site.  By 
>6:15 p.m. a group will break for the GSFC Building 7 vibration 
>facility.  Cameras and flashes are okay but attendance must 
>be limited to *adult* U.S. citizens with legal picture ID.  No 
>RSVP is required under these conditions.  
>There are TWO additional tentative P3D "tour" opportunities.  One 
>is this Friday, July 23 at 3 p.m. and then again at 6 p.m.  For 
>the Friday tours, all should meet at the guard shack at the GSFC 
>main gate on Greenbelt Road no later than 15 minutes before tour 
>Please note that all tour arrangements are tentative based on 
>a number of constraints, including critical P3D work such as 
>attaching the solar panels and vibe table availability.  P3D 
>at this moment is in an acoustic chamber in queue for the 
>vibration tables.  Watch the AMSAT-DC e-mail list closely 
>to check for last minute changes, otherwise you may show up 
>and the tour date or time had changed!  To subscribe to the 
>AMSAT-DC list -- even for a just few days is okay -- go to 
> and the Mailing 
>List services link there.  It's all automated so subscribing 
>and unsubscribing is a snap!  
>Talk-in is on 146.835 MHz FM WA3NAN/R.  
>Coordinates, lat/lon:  DD MM SS.S    DD MM SS.S
>WA3NAN club station  N 38 59 57.2, W076 50 47.6
>GSFC Main Gate       N 38 59 30.9, W076 51 08.5
>GSFC Building 7      N 38 59 54.1, W076 50 59.6
>Closest APRS digi is N3IYI (Bob) in Lanham, MD (3 miles away).  
>From Washington, DC: 
>Take the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Route 295) North to Greenbelt 
>Road (Route 193).  Take Greenbelt Road East for approximately two 
>miles.  The main gate guard shack is on the left at the first traffic 
>light after Cipriano Road.  Visitors to WA3NAN should continue on 
>to the next traffic light and turn left onto Soil Conservation Road.  
>The GARC facility is on the right (Gate 10) after the second traffic 
>light.  Can't miss WA3NAN club antenna farm.  
>From Baltimore: 
>Take the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Route 295) South to the 
>Beltsville Agricultural Research Center.  Exit at Powder Mill Road 
>and follow the signs to the Goddard Visitor Center.  WA3NAN is on 
>the left (Gate 10) across from the large cleanroom building bearing 
>the NASA "meatball" logo.  For the GSFC main gate, continue past the 
>turn for the Visitor Center to the next traffic light (Greenbelt 
>Road).  Turn right on Greenbelt Road, then turn right at the next 
>traffic light to enter the main gate. 
>From Virginia: 
>Take the Capitol Beltway.  From either the inner or outer loop, 
>exit to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Maryland Route 295) 
>North.  Then follow the directions "From Washington, D.C." above.   
>Other Info and Maps:
>Please re-read the info above about the contingencies that 
>you may encounter in attempting a visit.  Remember that 
>the schedule can change in a moment's notice.  
>Other Links:
>Before visiting to Greenbelt you may wish to visit the AMSAT 
>Phase 3D web site at 
>to get the latest scoop to show the AMSAT team that you have been 
>staying abreast of their very hard work.  The team here includes 
>Lou, Stan, Dick, Rick, Bob, Chuck & Jay.  Please memorize their 
>names, offer them your verbal support, and thank them madly.  
>At 05:50 PM 7/20/99 -0400, wrote:
>>Amsat's Phase 3D satellite is presently at NASA Goddard Space Flight
>>Center in Greenbelt to undergo vibration testing. The satellite team
>>from Florida has spent the past two days assembling the spacecraft
>>into its final launch configuration to prepare it for the shake test.
>>Prior to the shake test its fuel tanks will be filled with isopropal
>>alcohol to simulate the mass of rocket fuel that will be carried on
>>the actual launch. 
>>The test schedule is very uncertain, the team hopes to complete
>>the test and be ready to ship everything back to Florida by this
>>weekend, but other test activites at Goddard, most notably the
>>preparations for October's Hubble Space Telescope service mission,
>>may cause the schedule to slip into next week. 
>>If any local Amsat folks or other interested persons would like
>>a chance to inspect Phase 3D in person while it is here, please
>>contact myself ( or Pat Kilroy (,
>>we will try to make arrangments to get you in to Goddard if
>>possible. We do not presently have plans for a public open
>>house event because of the short notice and the uncertainty of
>>the testing schedule. If the satellite is in the test chamber
>>there may not be very much to see from outside. We will post
>>any updates to amsat-dc as we learn more about the schedule.
>>I regret that because of Goddard security regulations, this
>>offer is limited to persons who are US citizens only.
>>Dan Schultz N8FGV

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