Source code for LPC10 and MELP

Rob Greene
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 18:05:41 -0400

All - I am enclosing URLs for LPC-10 and MELP source code.  I tried to send 
the codes directly, but they didn't go through, too big perhaps.  The first 
URL,  will let you download 
C30evm.exe which
contains code from the demos distributed with the TMS320C30 evaluation 
board from TI.  There are three demos and the one labeled lpc is a version 
of LPC10.  The LPC10 code is documented fairly well in the manual for the 
EVM30 board.  This code is specific to the C30 because of the use of 
assembly routines and parameters for controlling the buffers.

You can download a 30 day trial copy of the C30 compiler linker from the 

A description of the EVM30 and a link to currenly downloadable demo 
software is at URL

Many of TI's manuals are downloadable in PDF format.  Search for them at 
URL  Just select "manuals only" for 
the search and leave the keyword blank to see all the manuals.

The other URL has three different versions of MELP, a fixed point version, 
version 1.2 which I think is floating point, and a runable version for the 
TMS320C50, at

The URL for MELP at ASPI is

A Windows 95 MELP player with demo files can be downloaded from the URL

Enjoy - Rob Greene AE4WI