[Fwd: LF:better antennas

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Sun, 01 Aug 1999 11:12:30 -0400

'Geri' Kinzel, DK8KW wrote:

> wow! What a weekend!
> For me surely the most active and most succesful weekend since I started LF
> operation.
> [...]
>  What have I done to improve my signal?
> So, what have I done to improve my signal? Well, basically I switched from
> a low-hanging Marconi T-antenna (8 to 12m high, antenna partly hanging in
> trees) to a free-standing umbrella antenna, 15m high, with four top-load
> radials. Two of the radials are still too long, following the advise of
> DF3LP and DJ1ZB (thanks) I already shortened two, which brought up the
> signal by 3 or 4 dB (according to Peter, DF3LP). I will work on the other
> top-load radials soon. When the top-load radials come close to leaves or
> trees, I have the same burning and flashing effect that was described bhy
> others earlier this week.
> The fibre-glas mast is a telescopic mast made by Van der Ley, maximum
> height is 18m (so far I only dare to lift it up to 15m), bottom diameter is
> about 60mm, top section 20mm. It takes less than 15 seconds to lower it and
> push it up again (very conveneint for experiments). The antenna consists of
> a 1.5 mm^2 Litz wire, strapped to the mast. The top-load radials consist of
> two parallel litz wires, 1mm diameter each, 2mm seperated (there is no
> particular reason for that, I just had enogh of that twin-wire available).
> All in all it is still a relatively simple setup and qualifies for a
> "backyard-setup", although my garden is slightly larger (30m x 40m).
> A sketch of my antenna setup can be found on my homepage
> (http://www.dk8kw.home.pages.de), follow the link "Details of my station".
> Best 73, thanks to those who called and work me, and those who called me in
> vain: hope to hear or work you next!
> Geri, DK8KW (W1KW)