Randy and Belva Mays
Mon, 09 Aug 1999 19:35:54 -0700

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    We have friends in Montana who have just started distributing the NCT ClearSpeech products.  There are two products, an amplified speaker with built in DSP speech filter, and a modular line unit which connects between the radio and any standard amplified speaker.  The built-in DSP works very well on HF.  Last night I was listening to several stations on 18 MHz.  You could hear what they were saying with the speaker "on," and it was difficult to hear the voices in the noise with the DSP "off."  This appears to be one of those products that does one thing very well.  I can't imagine using a standard HF radio without one now.

    I'm going to write about the speaker unit for an upcoming AMRAD newsletter, and ask George Lemaster if he has time to analyze the line unit and write a more technical article.

    There's a 10 percent club discount available on the speaker version if five or more units are ordered.

    Although it wasn't up today, there will be a new Web site (this week?) with an audio demonstration.  The site URL is

    ...and orders can be placed there via SSL.  The address for info is