Earth Bipoles

Andre' Kesteloot
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 08:42:33 -0400

John Taylor wrote:

> Thanks to those that listened for us.  G3HMO and I set up two electrodes in
> the sea, about 300 metres apart.  At the shack was a further earth
> connection into the soil.  The sea to sea system comprised a large loop with
> around 450 metres of wire used in total.  The trusty 1 kW amplifier was
> coupled to this via a ferrite matching transformer and slow CW sent.
> Results were as follows:
> 137.05 kHz - reports from Peter G8AFN in Yeovil, Mike G3XDV in Herts, and
> (the furthest contact) Alan G3NYK at Martlesham Heath.  Thanks to all those
> for the fulsome reports (and Mike's Web pages).
> The sea to sea circuit produced the best signals, probably because the loop
> was larger. Current in the circuit was around 250mA.
> We then tried an unscheduled test afterwards.  I connected G3HMO's 80 metre
> dipole wired as a T and one of the wires to the sea to the output of the
> ferrite transformer.  250mA was indicated as flowing and G3XDV reports these
> signals as the best.  The longest distance was  227 miles, to Ipswich on
> 136kHz.