CD-R Drive Sale

Sun, 22 Aug 1999 09:15:13 -0400

That was the price I paid for a Memorex CRW-1622
(SCSI interface) a year ago.  However, the store's
on-line catalog doesn't list it anymore.  Prices aren't
the only quirk:

Prospective buyers should make note of the access
time and data transfer rate for their hard drives.  The
speeds are verified during the setup/installation
process for your new CD-R/RW drive and its
accompanying software.  If they're too slow, you get
either nothing or step-down to reduced performance.
The reason is that the CD-RW requires a steady
stream of data; interruptions can abort the write
operation, and the disc is lost.  Will your hard drive
share the IDE interface (and capacity) with the CD?

Remember that "1x" is 150 kb/s, "2x" is 300, etc.;
filling a 650MB disc at 4x takes about 20 minutes.

Get at least one rewritable disc for your incremental
backups (and practicing); the supply of those "free"
single-write discs may not keep up with your use.

After you buy the "last" pack of discs with the 100%
rebate offer, send someone else in to get another
"last" pack that suddenly appears when I leave.