[Fwd: LF: Comparison of FFTDSP4 and Specrogram 5.09 on QRS]

Alberto di Bene dibene@raleigh.ibm.com
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 17:13:00 +0200

Alan Melia wrote:

> > display about 7 minutes of signal in the highest resolution mode. The
> > program does not run well on my system, crashing with a variety of
> > breakpoint numbers, after anything from 2 mins to half an hour. I have run

           you are not using the latest version of Hamview. The old version had that
problem, which has been corrected in verion 2.21, the latest. There are other
improvements too. To get the latest version go to :

BTW, we are writing the native Windows version of Hamview, tentatively named WinHam.
If someone thinks he has a better name, please tell us !
Also, we are open for suggestions about the functionalities to put in it. The basic
functionality will be similar to the current Hamview, but, being under Windows opens up
some new possibilities. Don't be shy to ask !
As for the status of the development, we have ready the nucleus of the pgm, that
takes audio input, computes the spectrum, displays it in an analyzer-like window,
and re-outputs the audio. On this we are building, and we do hope to have something
ready for a first delivery by the second half of next October.

Alberto   I2PHD  (co-author of Hamview)