Elton & Nancy Sanders esanders@pop.erols.com
Sat, 04 Sep 1999 21:25:26 -0400

I think we should cancel. We put up about 1600 feet of wire one end tied to
a well casing and the other end grounded in a mud bog at a pond ( photos of
WB5MMB testing the depth of the mud bog will be on the net shortly).
The AEA complex impedence analyzer was unable to analyze the impedence of
the antenna (probley due to the .75VAC on the .5VDC the dvm found on the wire.
We connected an Icom R70 to it and got lots of crashes, NDBs ,Loran at 20
over S9 and some very strong unidentified carriers.
It looks like we have room to put up sonething that will look very close to
a half wave dipole at 136KHZ. Much work remains.

At 07:40 PM 9/4/1999 -0400, TK Wood wrote:
>Okay LFistas/Tacoistas:
>Has the Sunday session been officially cancelled yet?   Given the Dennis
residual rains headed our way I would think it would be only prudent to
cancel... There are going to be other weekends and lightning does not make
the best of picnicmates.
>Tracy Wood